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Migraine caps can help treat the nearly 40 million Americans that suffer from migraine headaches each year. While nobody knows the exact causes of migraine headaches, migraines are thought to be a neurological disorder where blood vessels dilate in the brain. People have found that simple everyday actions can trigger the onset of a migraine headache causing a visual aura, numbness, sickness, and horrible headache pain. Pain and sickness that can last from hours to several days. Some of the triggers of a migraine are stress, sleep patterns, hormonal changes, weather, scents, foods, nutrition and the environment.

While there is no cure for migraine headaches, there are many different types of migraine medications that people take for migraines that work very well in conjuction with our Migraine Caps. Migraine Caps are a safe, natural and an effective way to treat migraine pain. Migraine Caps use “cold therapy treatment” that constrict the blood vessels in the brain and tremendously help reduce the neurotransmission of pain to the brain. Studies have shown that when immediately applying a Migraine Cap during the initial onset of a migraine, the pain and duration of a migraine is significantly reduced and in many cases stopped in its tracks. Migraine Caps are also convenient when having a migraine on the go, when you don’t have the option or convenience to recover at home. Nobody knows when a migraine attack will occur so having a Migraine Cap handy ready can be a life saver.

Our Catalyst Cryohelmet v2 Migraine Relief Cap with an adjustable hood comes in small, medium, large and X-large sizes and is our best and biggest seller for migraine sufferers. It comes with a long-lasting, reusable cold packs that are perfectly positioned for your head and neck that plays such an important role during a migraine attack. Our migraine cap also comes with a nice insulated travel case that’s convenient for those times on the go and gives you the peace of mind of having your migraine cap handy. Get the relief and comfort you so desperately need.


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